The complete assembly of the MPD Choke Manifold is integrated with a Coriolis flow meter for early kick detection or any other flow variation and is installed in an approved skid and crash frame with a lifting sling set and fork lift pockets. It includes an integrated, explosion-proof instrumentation distribution system.

Within a predetermined operating window, the MPD Automatic Choke uses a set of two CORTEC model CX-3 worm-gear that allows fine incremental flow control adjustments and is controlled by a PLC system to maintain the selected set point pressure. The HMI interface panel for operator input of required settings display the control system input and output parameters.

  •  100% operational redundancy of the MPD chokes.
  •  Digital and Backup Mechanical Choke position readouts on MPD Chokes
  •  A fixed choke mode for more accurate Back-Pressure Control at higher flow rates
  •  100% redundancy of the Upstream and Downstream Pressure Transmitters
  •  Choke failure and choke plugging logic activates audible and visual alarms
  •  Defaults into last position logic in case of a power failure on MPD Chokes
  •  Permanent recording of all control system events and input-output data
  •  L-Shape double block and bleed API gate valve philosophy on Choke and bypass line flow paths
  •  Patent Pending

The MPD Automatic Choke Control System is activated by a software empowered by SafeKick, which is designed to automatically control the electrical chokes to accurately maintain, either independently or in parallel, a pre-determined upstream set point pressure using very user-friendly touch screen interface options during MPD drilling operations.